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March 29, 2022

What’s in a Name

The townhomes in Atlanta known as Interlock share a name with their distinctive neighborhood. When people occasionally mix the names, they still never miss the point, because the Monte Hewett homes named interlock share more than a neighborhood – they share an inspiration and a heritage, too. Lofty terms, maybe, and yet the practical facts that result from them stack up to a lifestyle that has become the goal of many, and the possession of a fortunate few. Names have more than meaning sometimes. They can also wield power.

People recognize the question, “What’s in a name?” Quite a few can even carry on the quote to the next sentence, “That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” Fewer still, yet still quite a few, can tell you it comes from Romeo and Juliet. One reason his words are remembered is because Shakespeare had a way of getting to the meaning of things. In fact, he is credited with the first appearance of 1,700 words we still use today, including some that we real estate professionals could scarcely do without, words such as bedroom.

With Interlock, we find one of those instances in which the word and the thing are the same.

Vital Connections

No fewer than four railroad lines converged and intersected here, in the neighborhood that took the name, Interlock. Officially it is the Howell Interlocking Historic District. A planning and design team that included Georgia Tech professionals envisioned a living environment of the kind that is called “mixed use” in the trade.

We have always thought that term fell far short of what the concept behind it deserves. Mixed use means the possibilities to live, work, and play in the same community, avoiding the dislocation and delay of a commute. The term is meant to connote cohesion and connection – a sense of centering or unity in the ways of living.

Lacking a more poetic name, we chose Interlock for the title of the Monte Hewett West Midtown townhomes created nearby. Drawing inspiration from that intersection of rails – the visible, mechanical predecessor of the invisible wave spectrum we use for communication and commerce today – we envisioned here a location of significance and community, driven by energy and culture.

Simply Cosmopolitan

At Interlock, the design of both building and residences is an open invitation to a style that’s called cosmopolitan. Drawing influences from the widely traveled imaginations that come with a global economy and from the insights of people who pursue artistic, entrepreneurial, and knowledge-based careers, the style invites expression and shuns showing off. The style is more like an artist’s canvas or an athlete’s playing field, offering definition enough to inspire, along with freedom enough to express. Because the style we are discussing and the lifestyle that it both reflects and supports is easier to see than to describe, let’s talk about a visit. Just call 770-696-6705 or find out more at We look forward to sharing what we discovered here.


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